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The Wildlife Command Center
Expert Wildlife Control

Kansas City, Missouri

Tel: 1 - 816 - 533 - 4257

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Kansas City, MO Wildlife Removal

The Wildlife Command Center
1 - 816 - 533 - 4257


The Wildlife Command Center (WCC) is a full-service wildlife control company. We are based right here out of Kansas City, Missouri and can offer any kind of wildlife removal services. A big advantage of choosing our service includes the expertise of our technicians, and also the specialty services our business has to offer.

“Our company is proud to promote our values. People with wildlife problems aren’t just worried about their home, or how much it’s going to cost, but they care about their families. The stress caused by nuisance animal infestation can be overwhelming, no matter the circumstance. We are not only proud of the action solving an animal related issue, but it makes us happy to see the clients home and mental wellbeing return to normal. What a fulfilling experience that can be. For that reason and others, we love working in this business. So no matter your situation, call The Wildlife Command Center in Kansas City, MO”
President Of Wildlife Command Center

To list a few of our most common services, we offer; animal damage repairs, attic cleanup, dead deer removal, raccoon control, bat exclusion, large bird colony control, skunk trapping & deodorizing, and general critter trapping. There are also so many other things our company can offer!

Operators with WCC can understand the sense of emergency customers have when dealing with nuisance wildlife in their homes. Nothing will stop us from making sure your issues are addressed ASAP.

We Are Not Your Average Animal Removal Company

While your everyday wildlife control providers offer many of the services we do, as listed above, our practice is a little different than more traditional ones. The unique specialty service The Wildlife Command Center has is the falconry based bird abatement programs. Our 3 famous falcons include Boba Fett, TeeCee, & Emerald.

Aside from our Falcons unique talents and abilities, we still have a use for them outside their usual routine. We can execute effective pigeon control, loose bird removal, & capture of certain small mammals. We probably use them most for loose bird control; when birds are flying around a public building and need to be captured.

In addition to our falconry based bird abatement, we also provide K9 search & removal services. If there is a dead animal located around your property or under your deck, our K9’s will find and retrieve them. After the dead animal has been removed from the property we sanitize the spaces to knock down any nasty odors.

About Boba Fett, Emerald, & TeeCee

Boba Fett is the TV star of our 3 highly talented falcons. He’s been in several commercial ads, along with the movie, “The Haunting In Georgia.” Boba Fett had also appeared in the popular TV series “Salem.”

TeeCee is our female Harris Hawk. She and Chance Beran (the head of our Kansas City office) were featured on a popular Nickelodeon kids game show called 'Figure It Out.’ As a Harris Hawk, TeeCee is highly intelligent.

Emerald is a beautiful Saker Falcon. If you happen to be a seagull, you do NOT want to meet our Emerald girl. She has a unique job working in a Landfill full-time as a seagull population control specialist.

Falconry has been part of our business ever since we started up back in 2009, but has been a family tradition for greater than 20 years now. These are some amazing animals and we care for them like family. People love to see our falcons, and who knows, you just might! There are days we have a falcon with us.





Kansas City Bat Removal - Missouri’s #1 Pest Issue

Bats species around the Kansas City area tend to have high rates of incident with man made structures. Unlike the majority of small mammals bats are not included in the rodent family. Many Insurance Companies will list bats as rodents to avoid covering bat guano cleanup under a disclaimer policy. This point can, and should be challenged because bats are not rodents! Call us today for bat guano cleanup in Kansas City.

The Wildlife Command Center handles bat removal services in Kansas City by placing our "live exclusion devices" over the bat colonies primary point of entry(s). Our devices will ensure the survival of the bat colony so the recently eradicated bats can go find another home in the wild, where they belong! All bat removal and exclusion services in Kansas City, MO are guaranteed and backed by our written warranty.


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“Upon arriving home at midnight after being gone for a week, I found a snake in my house. Several removal services advertised availability 24/7, but the first 3 calls didn't mean it. This organization responded right away, without any hesitation. Chance found and was able to catch and remove the snake, which had climbed inside the drier motor. Chance also cleaned up everything before he left; put the back on the drier, reconnected the drier hose, put the refrigerator back in place and cleaned up the floor. He was marvelous and I was able to sleep that night!”

- Connie


The Top 5 Pests We  Handle In Kansas City, Missouri

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